Comparing our Sweeteners Syrups

Comparing our Sweeteners Syrups

To celebrate the beginning of Autumn   we are bringing this beautiful image with 4 of our sweeteners and sugar alternatives. Do you know what are the differences between these products and how to use them?

Medjool Date Syrup

A delicious sweetener with a flavour reminiscent of the dates where it is extracted from. It contains almost equal portions of fructose and glucose and are perfect in pancakes, french toasts, greek yoghurts and smoothies.

Agave Syrup

A low GI syrup made from the spiky agave plant and has a nice rich flavour. This sweetener is about 40% sweeter than sugar and is great for cold drinks as it is easily dilutable. It can also be used in baked goods, smoothies and pancakes.

Rice Syrup

This sweetener has no fructose and is about half the sweetness of white sugar, with a simple flavour and a slight butterscotch flavour. It is a good alternative for vegan diets in drinks and baked goods.

Maple Syrup

Another delicious option with a very particular flavour great on pancakes, waffles and breakfast bowls. A curiosity is University of Rhode Island has identified 54 beneficial compounds in this product as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


😋Have you tried all of them?
We want to know which one is your favourite and for what?

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