50% LESS Plastic! WOW 🤩⁠

50% LESS Plastic! WOW 🤩⁠

We know you care about the environment as much as we do 💚🌳🌍! That is why we are so happy about this project and we couldn’t wait to share with you all! ⁠

Our seeds range now come in this new beautiful packaging and have 50% LESS PLASTIC than before! Yes, HALF of it!!! 😮🤸‍♂️WOHOOO! How awesome is this? 🤩⁠

After researching what would be the best way to support the environment without damaging the freshness, price and convenience, we have found out that actually reducing the thickness of the bags is so far the best option! 🍃 That is because: ⁠

🗒️ We have tried compostable bags, but unfortunately, they still break down due to our raw ingredients moisture;⁠

🗒️ About 90% of the current recyclable plastic bags are not recycled, and you need to take them to a specific collection centre. ⁠

🗒️ Soft recyclable plastic is often put in the wrong bin, which makes recycling of hard plastic, metals and glass even more difficult;⁠

🗒️ Paper bags only are not enough to protect food from moisture, and the paper bags you currently see in the market have a plastic lining inside them, making no difference for the environment. ⁠

Considering it all, we are changing our entire product range to thinner pouches, and these are just the first ones to come! There will be over 100 products in our range with at least 25% of plastic reduction! ⁠

By purchasing organic food you are already supporting the ecosystem as a whole, and now with our thin plastic bags, our range offers an even more sustainable option. 💚⁠

Stay tuned for more news and raise your hands if you also care about the environment and is happy as we are! 🖐️🖐️🖐️

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