About us

Welcome to Absolute Organic, home to Australia’s premier certified organic food brand.
As one of Australia’s longest standing and most trusted certified organic food brands we know a thing or two about organics and what it takes to stick around in a fast moving industry where spurious claims can be rife and brands come and go. At the heart of everything we do at Absolute Organic is our quality ingredients, our organic certification and a trusted network of certified organic suppliers around Australia and beyond.
Staring in 2007 with a small range of Australian potato and beetroot chips our range now encompasses over 1000 different products that can be found in just about every aisle of the supermarket, from passata to peanuts we have got your pantry needs covered and you can even find our fresh produce nestled in the fresh section of your local supermarket.
When you choose Absolute Organic products for you and your family, you can be confident in the knowledge that they are all certified organic by ACO Certifications ltd, (Australia’s peak organic certification body) and have passed a strict set of sustainability criteria and MRL, (minimum residue level) tests to ensure that they are free of harmful pesticides and chemicals.
Absolute Organic has always been at the forefront of a green wave of certified organic products sweeping the country and in 2016 we began the process of incorporating this green wave onto all of our products to make them easily identifiable to consumers.
So next time you are shopping and looking for healthier choices for you and your family look for the green wave, for Absolute Organic for you and your family and for a better life.

The team at Absolute Organic