10 tips to a happier healthier lifestyle

10 tips to a happier healthier lifestyle

When embarking on a clean lifestyle we must fully understand that it takes time and planning.

It takes creativity, sensitivity and most importantly self study.

There is no such thing as the perfect diet.

There is no such thing as one way to lose weight and increase fitness.

Our bodies are unique, our intentions are individual and how do we measure our awareness? Well, how long is a piece of string?

We must find equal balance of discipline and self love.

Aspire to experiment, test your body and find comfort in the uncomfortable.


Great, glad we got that sorted…


Now we all know what we need to do,


The question is HOW?


  • Write some goals down– ensure to take your time with this one, really enquire within to find the when, what, where, why and how. Try using the SMART principle:

Specific – Find a specific area for improvement and use as much detail as you can.

Measurable – How can you measure your success? You will need an indication as to when these goals will be achieved and when to reset new goals.

Attainable – Make a goal that you can attain, what personality traits will you need to develop to be able to attain this goal? How do you go about creating those habits?

Realistic – work out what results can realistically be achieved, what resources will you need? If you cannot realistically achieve the ultimate goal for now, how do you modify your goal until you are in a position where that goal is realistic?

Time-related – specify when the results can be achieved. Create short term and long term goals that you can tick off along your journey.

  • Find your support team– Build your tribe of people who believe in you,  inspire you, will join you and who will keep you motivated. Encourage your family and friends to become part of the journey and talk openly about your goals and aspirations. When you are feeling low don’t be afraid to rely on these people to remind you of why you started in the first place.
  • Educate yourself about your body–  Find your network of health professionals whether it be a Naturopath to help with medical, nutritional and emotional needs. A Personal Trainer to assist with the type of exercise that is best suited to you, or an Osteopath to help with any alignment issues or injuries.
  • Experiment in the kitchen– Find recipes that excite you and take the time to try them out.
  • Meal Prep– be prepared and ensure you always have the right food on hand, have those energy filled snacks available, prepare wholesome food that will keep you sustained and have a variety of fruit and veggies ready for when you need it the most.
  • Find the time– We all lead busy schedules but we must find time in our daily lives for our health. Try to spend less on time wasting activities i.e. social media, games and TV.
  • Move your body!– Find an exercise routine that suits you, join a social club, take advantage of the beach, mountains and walking tracks. Learn a new sport, take yourself out of your comfort zone and give your body the opportunity to surprise you. Move your body because you can, find gratitude in the movement you are blessed with.
  • Meditate daily – Reconnecting your body, mind and spirit can be challenging. Start with 5 minutes every morning and build up from there. There are many meditation apps and music meditations you can start with, and trust me… no body is ‘good’ at meditating. It’s a practice and one that has many benefits.
  • Connect with Mother Nature– ground yourself, take a dip in the ocean, walk barefoot, climb a mountain, lay on the grass and watch the clouds pass you by. Give back to mother nature and find gratitude and appreciation in her beauty.
  • Disconnect from technology– If your job involves a lot of computer use, try disconnecting after work. E.g. No emails or social media after 8pm. Reconnect with friends and family, or get in touch with your creative mind.


Last but not least, Have fun! Leading a healthier lifestyle doesn’t always mean you miss out on fun. Create the life you want, a strong healthy physical body, the energetic body you dream of and the emotional freedom you desire.


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