5 Easy Ways to Recycle

5 Easy Ways to Recycle

If you’re thinking about recycling, but don’t know where to start, then don’t worry! We have five easy ways for you start recycling and helping to contribute to saving the planet.

The great thing about recycling is that anyone can do it! You don’t have to invest a small fortune in it, just a little bit of hard work and you’ll be making a difference in no time. By helping recycle, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and making the planet a better place for generations to come!

5. Use the Recycling Opportunities Around You

One of the best places to recycle is where you work. If you work in a small or large workplace, chances are there are plenty of soft drink containers, bottles, and other recyclables. If there isn’t one already, then place a dedicated recycling bin next to the rubbish bin. Label it, and before you know it, that bin will be full to the top!

4. Check with Your Local Council or Waste Provider

If you have a regular rubbish collection, but no dedicated recycling pickup, ask your local rubbish provider if they offer a recycling service. This is a great way to cut down on rubbish in your home. Sort your recyclable throughout the week or fortnight, and then place them into the correct bins ready for pickup.

3. Setup A Recycling Bin in Your Home

If you don’t already, have a small recyclable bin next to your regular rubbish bin. Get everyone in your home used to separating their rubbish from the recyclables. Before you know it, you’ll have everyone in your house recycling!

2. Make Sure That You Keep It Fun

If you want to recycle, and you want your family to participate, then you need to keep it fun, especially for kids. If your local recycling station offers cash for cans, then get the children to see how many they can collect and then let them spend the money on treats as a reward. Or, you could save the money and offer bonuses for keeping the recycling organised.

1. Think Outside the Box

It isn’t just cans and bottles that can be recycled. Look at what you’re throwing out in your rubbish every week. Start looking at containers, oil, papers, etc. there is a lot of things which we could all be recycling a lot more!

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