6 Things to give this Valentine’s Day that money can’t (entirely) buy

6 Things to give this Valentine’s Day that money can’t (entirely) buy

Sometimes we get so caught up trying to find the perfect gift, that we forget that the moments that capture our heart are often the simplest or spontaneous. You don’t need to stress or spend a fortune! 

It doesn’t matter if you have been together for one month, one year or one decade, Valentine’s Day is always an opportunity to create a special moment for your loved one, to make them feel loved and appreciated. And if you have kids, why not ask them to help? You and your partner will be teaching them about love and relationships!

1) Make your partner’s favourite meal – and dessert!  

What’s your partner’s favourite meal? Take the time to prepare it. Set the mood for romance with candles and their favourite music. Spending the evening at home relaxing with a beautiful dinner and a glass of wine is all it takes to feel loved.

2) Write your partner a love letter that they can keep forever. 

Get a fancy paper and some nice pens and start by writing to your other half why they are so important and special to you. If you’d like to, quote your favourite song and point out some past experiences you’ve enjoyed together. Finish the letter by saying how much you like to be around them and sign with the date. 

3) Make a video of your best moments together. 

With technology on the tips of your fingers, you are sure to see happy tears coming out of your partners’ eyes by collecting photos and videos of your best moments together and making a romantic video. There are many free online tools available and we recommend one that’s easy to use called @canva. 

4) Surprise them with a romantic picnic. 

Pack a delicious homemade picnic lunch and head to their favourite spot. Don’t forget to include fruits, cheese, dips, crackers, jams, muffins and your favourite drinks. Have a look at national parks, beaches, lakes or a scenic walk to a picturesque or near the water location. Being in nature will help you relax and connect.

5) Spoil them with a special massage. Prepare the ambient with some lights, relaxing music and aromatic candles. Get some massage oil and give them a full body massage from the tip of their toes until the top of their head. Gentle loving touch has the ability to bring intimacy into a relationship, bringing you closer together and experiencing deeper love for each other.

6) Decorate the house with love notes before your partner wakes up. Use paper hearts and write on each of them reasons why you love them so much. Stick them everywhere in the house: fridge, wardrobe doors, mirrors, walls, behind the tv remote. This surprise is sure to be remembered forever! 

Which one would you like to be surprised with? 

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