6 Benefits of Connecting Kids to Nature

6 Benefits of Connecting Kids to Nature

It’s easy to forget about the wonderful benefits of connecting kids to nature in this technologically advanced age of tablets, computers, and smartphones. Here are 6 benefits of connecting kids to nature!

Not so long ago kids would grab their bikes and head out for the day loaded with toys and snacks to keep them going, often not returning home for hours. Playing with friends, swimming, hiking, camping, walking, building forts and generally playing all day. It’s time we move away from tablets and smartphones and head back outside and reap the benefits of connecting kids with nature.

1. Physical, Emotional, and Social Development

Chat rooms and instant messaging won’t help kids learn important social interaction skills they’ll need in life. By getting out into nature and playing and interacting with other children, they’re learning social skills that will help guide them through life. They’re also staying active and healthy by playing outside in the sun and fresh air.

2. Bonding with Family Members and Friends

Camping, fishing and hiking are all great ways that families and friends can bond and grow together. By doing outdoor physical activities in nature that everyone enjoys, family and friend bonding will be greatly improved.

3. Stimulating Your Kids Senses

It’s important that kids learn to look, feel, touch, smell, and see everything around them that nature has to offer. By starting young, kids will learn to love being outdoors and taking part in physical activities.

4. Less Stress and Tension

When we all spend too long indoors cooped up together, tensions can become high, and this leads to increased stress levels. A day outside with some physical activities will leave everyone tired, and lead to a good night’s rest, reducing stress.

5. Boosts in Creativity

Children playing together outside learn to come up with solutions and use their creative skills to overcome problems. Creativity is a skill which many kids will require throughout their lifetimes and get them thinking early is very important.

6. Better Education

There is no better education than that of being outside and learning about nature firsthand. Touching, feeling, and seeing are all very important when it comes to retaining and understanding information.

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