How To Create Your Shopping List?

How To Create Your Shopping List?

Do you find you spend more, sometimes double what you’d planned or often forget to buy essentials on your grocery shop? There’s a solution: a well-organised shopping list!⁠

The format you use to keep an organized shopping list is up to you — whether it’s manually written or kept digitally on your phone— but there are few general tips that will make all the difference:⁠

• Keep a Running Shopping List in the Kitchen⁠
Keep the list on the counter, fridge, corkboard, or near your family command centre. Remember to include items just before you run out of them.⁠

• Categorise the items according to your grocery store so you can find the items easily when shopping. Here is our suggestion: Fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs / Meat, fish / Bakery, deli / Dairy, eggs / Bread, pasta, rice, grains / Frozen foods / Canned vegetables, lentils and pulses, sauces / Sweet treats, snacks / Drinks ⁠

• Plan a weekly menu and remember to allow for a spare night where you might eat leftovers. ⁠

• Your phone is your friend: Take a photograph of your pantry and fridge before heading to the store so you can easily check if you have any special ingredients that you don’t usually use. ⁠

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