Interview with Casey-Lee from Live Love Nourish

Interview with Casey-Lee from Live Love Nourish

Casey- Lee, can you tell our readers about yourself and Live Love Nourish?

Thank you for having me! It’s a joy to share my passion for holistic health and wellness. I’m a Queensland based nutritionist, naturopath, whole foods recipe developer, food and health blogger and founder of the Live Love Nourish signature 8-week program. My aim for Live Love Nourish is to provide simple, practical nutrition and lifestyle advice to support others in loving and nourishing their bodies whilst helping them to achieve health and happiness.

You started Live Love Nourish more than two years ago, what gave you the inspiration for this adventure?

I started Live Love Nourish at the end of 2014 (just months before my daughter was born), to share qualified nutrition and lifestyle advice as well as delicious and easy real food recipes. I wanted to inspire people to live a healthy life full of energy and joy. Prior to this I was sharing my recipes with clients, family and friends and by popular demand needed a place where everyone could enjoy them. All of my recipes are made with whole food ingredients and are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

You can find Casey-Lee’s recipes on her website.

What do you think is the best service you can provide to your readers?

I believe in order to feel our best we need a holistic approach to our health that considers nutrition, lifestyle and relationship with ourselves. When you’re making choices that nourish your body and support a healthy life your body rewards you with health, energy, feeling and looking your best. This is why I created the Live Love Nourish 8-Week Program; an interactive online guide for living your healthiest and best self. I believe a healthy outside starts on the inside.

You can find out more about the program on her website.

What advice would you give to people willing to live a healthier lifestyle?

My top tips for living a healthier lifestyle would be:

  • Listen to your body and do what works best for you
  • Learn to love, respect and appreciate your body
  • Nourish your body with real food
  • Quit dieting and instead develop a positive and healthy relationship with food
  • Learn to cook simple and nutritious meals that will love your body back

Can you give us tips on how to overcome the difficulty of eating healthy when on the road?

Being on the road a lot with my toddler has helped me learn many tips on staying healthy whilst out and about. My top tips:

  • Be prepared – pack your lunch (the night before if possible) just as you would for your children.
  • Stick to portable whole food snacks such as whole fruit, nuts, boiled eggs, coconut yoghurt, gluten-free crackers with avocado or hummus and veggie sticks.
  • Keep your freezer filled with healthy on-the-go snacks or meals. I like to keep my homemade sugar free banana
    muffins on hand (click for recipe).
  • Keep an eye out for whole food cafes or make the best possible choice with what’s available around you.
  • Make sure you travel with a large bottle of water! Often when we’re out and about we forget to hydrate our bodies.

You’re a mum, blogger, recipe developer and health advocate just to name a few, what do you do in your spare time?

There’s not much spare time left these days with a busy toddler and a business. If I do find some time on my hands I usually end up in the kitchen creating recipes to share with the Live Love Nourish community. The kitchen is my happy place and being able to share easy, delicious and nourishing recipes for others to enjoy is what makes my heart sing.

Thank you very much for your time Casey-Lee,
Your team at Absolute Organic.


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