Interview with Tegan Steele

Interview with Tegan Steele

Tegan, tell our readers about yourself and about your blog

Most people don’t know how good you are meant to feel. I grew up never feeling great. I had all sorts of problems from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hormonal imbalances to food intolerances. I lived on diets and had severe depression all by the age of 17. These days all that is pretty common, which is incredibly scary!

It took a lot of hard work, time and commitment but eventually I managed to climb out of the dark hole I was in. I read book after book, travelled overseas to learn the Gerson Therapy and researched until I had the answers to heal my body… and I did! I reversed every symptom. Now I live every moment with passion and a positive state of mind. I’m completely dedicated to learning, evolving and sharing everything I learn and experience that could help YOU.

My mission is to help make the world a healthier place one person at a time. Because change begins with you! If everyone did something to change their health, lifestyle and overall wellbeing the general population would be healthier, happier and more at peace which would have a big impact on our beautiful Earth. This is why I write a regular blogs, run retreats in Australia and Bali, run workshops and cooking classes and speak at events.

You started Vegie Girl six years ago, what gave you the inspiration for this adventure?

I started my original blog Vegie Girl to share the knowledge I was learning. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t taught in everyday life! I was learning secrets to incredible health and prevention as well as how to heal the body. Because I was young and writing about some controversial topics I went by the alias of Vegie Girl. However over the last year or so I’ve embraced my own name as I developed more self-love and confidence in what I was sharing with my audience, and recently launched my new website

In your opinion, what is the best service provides for
your readers?

I believe I share the knowledge and tools needed to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. I write blog posts on many different topics including health and wellbeing, natural beauty, travel and self-development to share a holistic view. To me it’s not just diet it’s a lifestyle! I’ve acquired knowledge in so many different areas on my road to health. I’m addicted to learning and expanding my knowledge. I provide current information on all things health and wellbeing as well as all the tolls you need on your journey.
People are realising the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. What does living a healthy lifestyle mean
to you? 

Living a healthy lifestyle is absolutely essential to me. Without having good health your quality of life is not good. And what’s the point of living life when your tank is empty or if you don’t jump out of bed in the morning. Being truly healthy is a lifestyle not just a diet. It’s about being balanced both emotionally and physically.

What’s the simplest way to get started on the journey to a healthier life?

My first step on my journey to health was simply adding green smoothies into my diet. I stopped eating the rubbish breakfasts I was eating and replaced it with a green smoothie and I felt so many amazing benefits! I had so much more energy, my body started to nourish and hydrate and I stopped having the cravings I used to. My favourite green smoothie recipe is my Green Goodness Smoothie (click here for recipe).

Can you give us some tips on how to overcome the difficulty of eating healthy when on the road?

I’m currently in India for a month doing my 200 hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course. For me travelling has become easy because I know exactly what I can and can’t eat. It keeps me pretty safe from experiencing food poisoning or the discomfort of eating foods you’re not used to.

On the road I often intermittent fast the first meal and then eat two meals which already makes things easier. I have mostly fruit for my first meal as it’s always easy to find fruit on the road or in another country.

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