Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil 89ml


Product Description

Our Absolute Organic Herb Infusions made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil are pure sprays with a distinct flavour and aroma, great to enhance the taste of your favourite dishes, salads and snacks.
All variants come in a non-aerosol and non-chemical container that keeps its contents fresher for longer by shielding from air and light.

• We only use compressed air to propel this herb extract, we never use chemical gases.
• Easy to use in the kitchen with triple action spray
• Strong flavour of herbs perfect for savoury dishes, salads and snacks.
• Made with pure extra-virgin organic olive oil
• Olive oil has a smoke point of around 190°C, great for low and medium-heat cooking
• Lasts much longer than fresh herbs
• Gluten-free
• Vegan

Additional information


Extra virgin olive oil*, basil essential oil (<5%). *Certified organic. May contain traces of soy, milk and wheat.

Country of Origin

Packed in USA from imported ingredients.

Storage Conditions

Please store at temperature under 49°C. Protect from sunlight.