What exactly defines a superfood?

What exactly defines a superfood?

The word superfood is getting thrown around a lot lately. Every fad diet you encounter has one or another so-called ‘superfoods’ guaranteed to help you lose weight fast or improve your immune system. So, what are the real superfoods and why are they called like that?

Many doctors have stated that superfoods are defined by how many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they contain. They may not be exceptionally rare or hard to find, and in fact, they may have been on your menu all along. If not yet, simply try to slowly add a new superfood into your diet every time you do your groceries to see and feel the long-term benefits that good and healthy eating can bring.

If you’re looking for superfoods, then don’t try and keep up with latest fads. The choice is to be made in a much simpler way: just go for clean and natural food, whichever can offer your body more nutrients. So, what do all these so-called ‘superfoods’ have in common? They’re just foods packed with an exceptionally great amount of nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, not only necessary for our everyday lives but also possibly powerful weapons against free radicals that can damage our cells.

Try some organic, colourful and vibrant fruits and vegetables next time you hit the grocery store, as most fruit and vegetable are actually considered superfoods! Some of the most useful superfoods you can find in the grocery section would be turmeric, cinnamon, açai, quinoa, chia seeds, olive oil, nuts and green tea.

By incorporating more of these kinds of food into your diet, you could see some positive health benefits in the long term. By eating a wide variety of healthier fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and vegetables, you may feel an increase in energy level due to the higher vitamin levels consumption, and your body will be better equipped to fight off sicknesses and illnesses.

Superfoods are truly all around us and always have been, so use its power on your favour!

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