What's in season in August?

What’s in season in August?

August – The last month of Winter. The shorter days and lower temperatures in Winter are the perfect conditions for many plants to become dormant. This way, plants can store up energy for new growth when Spring comes along in September.

Our trusty Navel oranges are still available to keep us healthy during the last month of the cold season.

The berries are also showing more of themselves this month. Blueberries and Strawberries, both full of antioxidants, are other fruits that can help battle the cold and flu season.

Paw paws are aplenty. Keeping us tropical and hopeful for the warmer weather to come!

Still going strong are apples, bananas and pears.

New season Onions are emerging from the ground this month. A versatile vegetable that brings flavour to any dish.

There are plenty of Green Beans to give a “snap” to. This vegetable is delicious raw or lightly cooked. Adding garlic, lemon and parmesan cheese takes them to another level!

Potatoes, Swedes and Turnips are all still here to give heartiness to casseroles, fritters and soups.

Jerusalem Artichokes are quietly showing themselves. This tuber or root vegetable brings a bit of difference this month. Looking a bit like ginger, this vegetable can be cooked or used the same way as potatoes or parsnips. Perfect roasted, sautéed or made into soup.

Still in abundance in August are pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, celery, cabbages and beetroot.

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