Where Absolute Organic Chia Seeds come from?

Where Absolute Organic Chia Seeds come from?

1) Where does the Absolute Organic Chia Seeds come from?
Absolute Organic works with our agricultural trade companies from South America and Africa – mainly Paraguay and Uganda, depending on availability – that connects reliable and hard-working farmers who produce organically grown chia seeds in a land that has never received any synthetic or harmful chemicals.
In terms of Organic, these countries have the optimal conditions to grow and harvest really organic chia.

2) What is the complete process to produce Chia Seeds?
Everything begins from the distribution of the seeds, where we deliver the exact amount of seed to each farmer depending on their area. We follow up the growing and harvesting with our agronomist with internal regular inspections to make sure every farmer is complying with the organic processes.
The Chia Seeds plant can grow up to 2 meters of height, depending on when it is planted, and ideally, its panicle should reach 20-25cm. The productivity of the seeds is usually about 500kg per hectare and harvest in South America usually happens between June and July, whilst in Africa, it happens from November to December.
Once the harvest is done, we pick up the goods and bring them to our facilities, where they will be cleaned and stored in top equipment with air temperature controls to maintain its optimum freshness. The entire process is strictly controlled to assure the Australian Organic Standards are met accordingly.
All the traceability is being checked and followed until the product is stored in their bulk packing, ready to be sent to Australia. Once in Australian territory, the seeds are received by Eco-Farms, tested and then packed for retail size in a gluten-free and organic environment.

3) How different is the organic compared to regular chia seeds?
The biggest difference is that with the plantation of the organic chia seeds there is absolutely no addition of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. We have big green areas where chia can be planted far away from the conventional farmers, making sure no cross-contamination happens.
The Soil we have is one of the best areas in the world in terms of minerals and fertilization, so also no chemical fertilization is needed. Then we need to remember that Chia is Salvia, and the smell of their leaves is a natural insecticide, which helps when growing organic seeds.

4) How do you make sure your product has always the best quality?
Our company always makes sure to carry out the best quality controls, making an accompaniment from the beginning to the end of the products, previously discussed with the producers and all those involved for the final product. In the last couple of years, we have done huge investments in our chia facility to help us to reach and provide the best quality.

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