Why Choose Certified Organic?

Why Choose Certified Organic?

If you’ve been considering buying Certified Organic, but wondering if organic is for you, then let’s look at some great reasons why you should choose Certified Organic.

Organic food is a healthy choice that Australians, and people around the world, are making more and more every day. By purchasing Australian Certified Organic products, you are investing in Australia’s sustainable agriculture future. You’re ensuring that farmers around Australia will continue to invest their time and effort into producing organic food which is free range, cruelty-free, non-GM, pasture fed, biodiversity friendly, socially responsible, sustainably fished, and grown 100% free from synthetic herbicides, hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics.

When you purchase food that is Certified Organic you can be confident you’re getting a product that is indeed 100% organic. You will be able to serve food to your family and friends knowing that from field to table, your food was farmed and produced the healthiest way possible.

Organic producers and marketers maintain Australian Certified Organic Certification by:

  • Checking the Certified Organic products with annual audits and unannounced spot checks, which are carried out to ensure that the products and farms are in full compliance with strict Organic standards.
  • Ensuring all operators maintain an OMP (Organic Management Plan) and report annually.
  • Making sure there is a clear auditable trail of all products sold by a certified operator to prevent fraud.

When you purchase products which have the Australian Certified Organic logo or trademark, you can be certain that the producers of these products are constantly maintaining this high standard.


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