Why do we pack fresh produce?

Why do we pack fresh produce?

It honestly amazes us to see how many of you are concerned about our environment and want to be sure to make the best choices for the planet πŸ’š We too care – and very much – so we’d like to share with you a few more details about this.

Did you know that besides our grocery products, we also supply certified organic and Australian fresh produce?

Our process starts by checking if the retailer offers only certified organic produce, or both organic and non-organic. If the store is 100% organic, we can supply the food without any wraps/stickers/packaging, and that’s great! But usually, most stores supply both variants, and we are required to pack the products for the following reasons:

1) To communicate that the produce is organic
2) To protect from cross-contamination
3) To make sure the price charged at the checkout is correct
4) To preserve the product’s quality for longer and extend its shelf-life and reduce waste

How do we pack?

For our fresh produce range, since 2015 we have removed all styrofoam trays and replaced them with bamboo and paper trays. We also use FSC certified labels, which means that they come from well-managed forests. We pack everything in cardboard boxes and, whenever is possible, we use sugar-cane cling wraps too.

We understand the impact that each packaging have on the environment, so please contact us if you have new sustainable packaging solutions available. Although technology might still be an issue, we are always looking for ways to reduce waste in our product range.

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